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By April 5, 2016Giving Back


Revelly founder Tu Rash lived in Vietnam for seven years. She saw the struggles of daily life in a developing country. This experience shaped her commitment and resolve to give back. After volunteering for a well drilling trip to Nicaragua and seeing the positive impact on people’s lives there, Tu’s commitment to give back was further strengthened.

This is why at Revelly, doing good is a core value. We believe that doing business and doing good don’t have to be mutually exclusive. A portion of every sale of Revelly frames will go to All Hands Volunteers (, a nonprofit that sends volunteers around the world to help people and communities in crisis.

The All Hands story began in 2004 after an earthquake and tsunami devastated communities in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. All Hands founder David Campbell rushed to Thailand to see how he could help. A one-week volunteer visit turned into a month-long stay, and he co-founded Hands On Thailand and helped organize and work with some 200 other additional volunteers to rebuild several fishing villages in Phuket.

On the heels of the tsunami came Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which took lives and destroyed communities along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. David and several other volunteers from the Thailand experience established Hands On USA, coordinating some 1,500 volunteers to help the survivors of the storm. In 2010, Hands On USA became All Hands Volunteers. All Hands continues to respond to disasters around the world by organizing and coordinating volunteers.

Currently, All Hands Volunteers are at work in Louisiana and South Carolina helping communities recover from yet another series of severe floods. They’re in Nepal helping people recover from the 2015 earthquake. And they’re in Fiji responding to the terrible aftermath of Cyclone Winston. You can keep track of the efforts on each of these projects, including commentary from the volunteers themselves on the All Hands Volunteer Blog.

We believe in the power of changing lives, changing the world, and changing ourselves. This is nowhere more visible than when volunteers come together to make a difference, sharing their time and their lives. Our founder, Tu Rash, has volunteered her time and skills to strengthen communities around the world, and knows from first-hand experience how volunteering changes lives on both sides of the relationship.

Revelling means much more than self-indulgence. It means celebrating our unity as people and honoring our uniqueness as individuals. It also means celebrating life by enjoying it, sharing it, and making it better for everyone.

Tell us who you are helping and how the organizations you support are making a difference. Share what you do, why you do it. What inspired you to get involved, and what inspires you to continue? We’d love to hear from you!

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