Fabulous Glasses for People with a Low Nose Bridges


Finding the right fit for prescription glasses or sunglasses can be challenging. Glasses frames, after all, aren’t like shoes or shirts, where most people know their sizes and most products are labeled accordingly. One size factor in eyewear that can particularly vexing is the size and position of the nose bridge.

If you find that your eyeglasses keep sliding down your nose, it may be because you have what doctors call a low nose bridge. A low nose bridge typically means that the shape of your nose where glasses sit is somewhat flat, which causes the glasses to slide down because the bridge doesn’t fit your nose.

In addition to finding your glasses sliding down your face, another sign that you might have a low nose bridge is that your glasses end up sitting on your cheekbones instead of your nose. This has something to do with the shape of the frame as well–glasses with large frames will rest on your cheekbones before they reach your nose bridge, where smaller frames may simply just rest lower on your nose.

If you have a low nose bridge and want glasses that fit, you have a couple of options. You can buy pads and attach them to the bridge of your glasses. They’re a little geeky looking, and the pads will fall off if they get wet from rain or sweat. You can buy so-called “Asian Fit” glasses, some of which account for low nose bridges or narrow faces. The name is used by some brands to indicate glasses designed for people of Asian descent, who often have low nose bridges, high cheekbones, and wide faces. A few brands offer Asian Fit designs, but your choices are typically limited to glasses designed for athletes, and most assume a single face size.

An extreme solution to a low nose bridge is to have a higher bridge surgically implanted. But we want you to celebrate your face, not change it.

Until recently, if you wanted to have a wide range of options, including fashionable, stylish  glasses designed just for people with low nose bridges, you were out of luck unless you were willing to travel to Asia. Otherwise, you would have to settle for glasses that didn’t fit well, or for glasses that fit well but didn’t offer many fashionable alternatives.

Revelly has introduced a new line of fashionable eyeglasses and sunglasses designed specifically for people with low nose bridges. Revelly frames come from some of the leading eyewear designers in the world and offer frames for people with round, oval, narrow, and wide faces. So people with low nose bridges no longer have to settle for glasses that don’t fit or for Asian Fit glasses that they aren’t particularly fashionable.

Everyone’s face is different. That’s why Revelly offers frames for a variety of nose bridge sizes, cheekbones, and face sizes and shapes. Everyone’s fashion preference is different too, so we offer all kinds of styles and add new ones as fashion preferences change.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses do more than help you see better and protect your eyes from the sun, they are a statement about who you are. We want everyone to be able to express their true selves with their glasses, regardless of nose and face sizes and shapes. So go ahead and revel!