About Revelly

Revel (rev-uhl): verb, to take great pleasure or delight

Tu Rash’s facial features don’t conform to traditional eyeglass design. Most frames assume a fairly pronounced nose bridge where the frame can rest. People like Tu have a more shallow nose bridge. Aside from falling off,  traditional glasses for people with low nose bridges sit too close to the face and eyes, hits the eyelashes, causes the lens to fog, and hits the cheekbones.

Tu grew tired of having to choose between unfashionable “Asian fit” glasses and really cute glasses that were uncomfortable and would slide off of her face. She started Revelly, working with the world’s leading eyewear designers and manufacturers of eyewear, bringing leading edge fashion and quality for a large and largely unaddressed market.

About the Founder

Tu Rash is what she calls a reveller. We define a reveller as someone who delights in the small things and steps out of their comfort zone to have a variety of experiences. Tu revels in binge-watching shows on Netflix, playing with her dogs, and eating red-velvet cupcakes. Tu also revels in trying improv, doing archery, and learning to code.

Tu’s wish is for  everyone to revel in their own identity and style. Revelly was born out of that passion.


Revelly has assembled a world class advisory board of experts in optometry, retail operations, supply chain management, and intellectual property.

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Tu has volunteered to help strengthen communities as far away as Nicaragua and as close to home as San Jose. As part of her commitment to helping others, the company gives a portion of every sale to All Hands – hands.org. Let the Revelly begin!